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Fun Our Wedding Customs

bridal bouquet Throw.

most of the time, with music, dancing, fun for a while,

bride have turned back the flower of her girlfriends and single throws. This is usually my own Chichewa bridal bouquet , not just throw it brought to flower. It is believed that the bride threw the flower to marry the person living next person. Now catch the bride's bouquet it opens with the fate of young girls I don't know, but this tradition continued for years and years and is still in progress and also make the wedding more enjoyable.

Gelin buketini yakalama

henna nightthe breaking Test

this game in other regions in the Aegean region is one of the traditions that are performed in the henna night.Money wrapped in tulle inside a soil test, candy, chocolate in things like is filled. The bride and the groom plays in the hands of the jar shaking around in the jar and it breaks throw it at an unexpected time. For a game that represents abundance and fertility test groom the candidate will also hennaif you're going on a night just for women what should I henna, the groom taking her inside even for a short time, you can perform this fun tradition.

< bride's Housebreak the glass at the entrance to what

convoy escorted to their homes after the wedding bride and groom breaks the glass in the door before entering their new home. It is believed that bad luck is to stay away from the new couple.

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