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Yes. We can make the changes you want in the wedding dress and evening dress models you like. Do not forget that the aforementioned changes may cause cost differences in some cases and this may be reflected in the price. Our sales consultants provide you with the necessary support in this regard.

It is important to have make-up according to the color of the eyes while the bride has eye makeup. If your eyes are colored, I definitely do not recommend you to have a make-up in the same tone with your eye color. You can use golden tones for blue eyes, purple and brown tones for green eyes, and any color tones for brown eyes, but especially purple, green and light brown tones.

With a make-up technique to be applied according to the structure of your eyes, you will achieve the eyes you dream of. For example, if you want an eye make-up that will make your little eyes look bigger, you should apply light shadows to your eyelids. You can strengthen this effect by touching the inner corners of your eyes, that is, the area where the eye fountains are, with the luminous headlight. Never apply mascara only to your upper lashes! When you apply it to the lower lashes, you will immediately notice that your eyes look bigger.

Since I always favor eyes to be at the forefront in bridal makeup, I will recommend you the most smoky eye makeup. The key to smokey eye makeup is your eye color! We are sure that you will have a very nice look when you use the shades that will suit you best.

A professional make-up technique is required for a perfect make-up application. Where and when to use make-up is just as important as the correct make-up technique. For example, wearing makeup at night during the day or using exaggerated makeup in an inappropriate place will not leave a pleasant effect. The most basic feature that distinguishes wedding make-up from other make-up comes out here. Bridal makeup is not divided into day and night. You need to look flawless from early morning to late night. Therefore, how you want to see yourself is important, not the softness or exaggeration of your makeup.

Bridal Makeup For Oval Face Shape

If you have an oval face shape, the first thing I should say is how lucky you are. You should know that many women use make-up technique to create the illusion of an oval face type. What you should avoid is to create angular lines in a way that distorts its ovality. You should apply the contour technique by using the illuminator mainly. Application areas of forehead, nose, upper lip and chin illuminating.

Bridal Makeup for a Round Face Shape

If you have a round chin, a narrow forehead or a broad forehead and a face shape where the width is wider than the length, you are of the round face type. What you need to do should be to balance the roundness of your face with makeup. To do this, you have to highlight your cheekbones and apply the shading makeup technique. The point to be considered here is to make proportionate shading. You can also make your face look taller by drawing attention to your eyes and lips.

Bridal Makeup for a Square Face Shape

Square forehead, wide cheekbones and square jaw structure add you to the square face shape group. Since your facial lines are angular, I recommend using a foundation that is two tones darker than the skin color on these areas. If you want me to explain the application technique in more detail, you should apply the foundation just under the cheekbones, the edges of the nose area and the corner of the chin. Use the blush from your cheekbones to your temples and apply the lipstick more intensely to your upper lip. Thus, your face will appear longer than it is, and it will soften the square look.

Bridal Makeup for a Rectangular Face Shape

If the length of your face is wider than its width and you have angular facial features, you are a bride-to-be with a rectangular face type. First of all, I have to say that it has a very tough look. Therefore, our aim should be to show your face soft, short and oval. We have to draw the focus point to the middle of the face with two tones of darker foundation and two tones of light highlighter from the skin color. The application technique should be to apply the dark concealer along the hair roots to the forehead and chin, and to apply the illuminator from the cheekbones to the middle of the face.

Summer bridal makeup

If you are going to be a summer bride, my advice to you is to have a make-up that does not go overboard. Running with excessive make-up on a very hot summer day will overshadow her perfection. Of course, your make-up should be emphasized again, but you have to adjust the dose well. In addition, it is beneficial to have your make-up made with high retention cosmetic products. That's why it's really important that you work with a professional makeup artist. If you are going to choose the wedding dress model in a vintage style, wouldn't it be nice if the make-up reminded a little of the old times like the wedding dress? If you have chosen a flashy wedding dress, you can balance your look with a soft make-up.

It is very important that the wedding dress shoes are comfortable. That's why you should make sure your feet are as comfortable as possible. On your wedding day, your shoes that will carry all your burden should ensure that you walk comfortably.

If the floor of the wedding venue is grassy, sandy or stony, wearing a high-heeled shoe can cause you trouble. You should choose your shoes according to your wedding dress model and wedding season.

Do not forget to consider your height harmony with the groom in your selection.

Veil is the most important accessory of the wedding dress. It is also the most innocent expression of the most mysterious and special state of the bride. While the veil completes the wedding dress, it also symbolizes the purity of the bride and its naturalness. So, what should be considered when choosing a veil, and what should be determined according to the length of the veil?

Short veil,

If the wedding dress has neck and chest details, a short veil that you can put forward like a veil or just keep it behind may be appropriate. They are 150 cm wide and 150 cm tall. These veils are ideal for sophisticated and eclectic style wedding gowns. However, this model veil is not recommended if you have a short and oval face.

Medium veil,

These veils, which are approximately 150 cm wide and 225 cm long, reveal the details of the chest, waist or back perfectly. However, this type of veil can give a slightly formal look by adding a classic look to the wedding dress.

Long veil,

In these models, which are approximately 225 cm wide and 300 cm long, the veil turns around the elbow. It can be used with romantic, ball gown style, light puffy and medium length wedding gowns.

It can be sprinkled appliques on veils, flowers suitable for your wedding dress models or border all around. When you visit DreamON store, our sales consultants will direct you to the veil style suitable for your wedding dress model.

First of all, the important thing is to match your veil with your wedding dress. In this regard, our expert sales consultants will assist you by providing the necessary support during your visit to DreamON stores.

Although messy buns are in fashion lately, when deciding on your hairstyle, consider the setting and wedding concept in which your wedding dress will be held. While tiny flowers on light hair look much nicer for a country wedding, a bun model and a sparkly crown for the ballroom will be very beautiful. In addition, the climatic conditions of the place where the wedding will be held will affect your choice. If you are having a countryside wedding on a windy day, you should choose a model that will not split your hair and accessories suitable for it. If you are not going to use a veil for your hair, a beautiful crown, pearl hairpins, mini flowers, beads, sparkly hairpins will be very stylish accessories. If you want to be the beauty queen of your own wedding, you need to examine the sample bridal crown models or veil models beforehand and decide.

Dreamon Couture service is provided. By meeting with our designers, your dreams are drawn with a design suitable for your body structure. Molds are made according to your body. By choosing the fabric and material, a special design is made for you. This service is provided with our expert designers and costs higher than our ready-made products.

For very special occasions, we speed up your wedding dress and deliver it to you as soon as possible. There is a high probability that the product you like has stocks in the store. In addition, although we deliver within an average of 30 days in repeat productions, we can make rapid production up to a week in emergencies.

Our expert sales consultants will guide you in the best way while allowing you to try the wedding dress model you have liked and dreamed of from the photographs or DreamON collection on your body.

When measuring for wedding dresses and evening dresses, the tape measure should not be too tight or too tight to cover the measured place and the highest point.

1. Chest: The most important measure for the wedding dress to fit your body is the breast size. Place the tape measure under the armpits and measure from the back to the front but across the widest part of the body on the chest, passing through the nipple.

2. Waist: For your wedding dress to cover your waist; It is measured by wrapping the tape measure around the waist without tightening the natural waist line, that is, the thinnest part of the body.

3. Basen: There is no need for a hip size in wedding dress models with fluffy skirts. It is measured by wrapping the tape measure from the hip area between the bottom of the waist and the upper part of the legs, that is, the widest part of the body at the hip level.

4. Skirt Length: While measuring the length of the wedding dress, the shoes that the bride will use on the wedding day should be on her foot. Otherwise, the wrong size is taken.

Normal Skirts (for the skirt length of Narrow Skirts, Fish Model Wedding Dresses or Evening Dresses), from the waist to the hem (towards the floor), when one end of the tape measure is placed on the waist and the other end on the ground 25 cm from the tip of the foot.

In Wide Skirts (Crinoline Wedding Dresses or Engagement Dresses models for skirt lengths), it is the measurement from the waist to the hem (towards the floor), when one end of the tape measure is placed on the waist, and the other end is placed 40 cm from the tip of the foot on the ground.

5. Chest Height: It is taken from the shoulder to the chest. The distance from the place where the bra strap comes from to the nipple on the shoulder

6. Between Breasts: It is the distance between the two nipples.

7. Front Body Length: Varies depending on the body length of the wedding dress model.

For Short Size: 5 cm below the waist from where the bra strap comes from the shoulder to the waist, (example DreamON Marcantonio Model)

For Normal Size: 13 cm below the waist from where the bra strap comes from the shoulder to the waist, (example DreamON Tibaldi Model)

For Long Size: 21 cm below the waist from where the bra strap comes from the shoulder to the waist.

For Very Long Size: 29.5 cm below the waist from where the bra strap comes from the shoulder to the waist.

8. Back Body Length: It is the part starting from just below the neck to the waist level, it is the measure of the front body length at the same level on the back of the body.

9. Shoulder: It is the measure of the back width. Measured from the back shoulder, it is found by measuring the shoulders from the sides, from the furthest ends to the lower back and arms without running away. The tape measure should be kept straight.

10. Arm Length: It is the measurement from the shoulder to the wrist with the arm slightly bent (not half), that is, with the palms of the hand at the hip level, with the elbow slightly out next to the hip. (You don't need to measure sleeve length on sleeveless, strapless wedding gowns.)

11. Pazu: It is the measure of the widest part of the arm between the shoulder and the elbow.

12. Neck: It is taken by wrapping around the neck with a tape measure.

13. Wrist: It is the measure of the place where the arm and hand meet.

Items numbered 4 and 7, that is, the front body length of your wedding dress and the skirt length of your wedding dress, are two interdependent variables. If one increases, the other decreases. In other words, the length of the skirt begins from where the front body length ends.
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Since there is always sufficient stock in DreamON stores, you can also choose ready-made wedding dresses from the collection. During your visit to DreamON store, our expert consultant will recommend the wedding dresses suitable for your body shape and style. The collection model you have chosen is ordered according to your size and produced for you.

If you have a very selective personality; If there are disproportions in your body lines, if you want an extraordinary wedding dress, if you are willing to spare time for choosing models, fabrics and accessories and are skilled in this matter; If you have the energy to devote to rehearsals and you can maintain your weight steadily, it will be the right decision for you to have a wedding dress. Believing in every sewing place will mean risking one of the most important clothes of your life, such as a wedding dress. In order to have a special design, we recommend that you deal with a designer who is fully trained in this job. We recommend that you stay away from under the stairs tailors who always claim to sew cheaper. Custom design is a costly and more expensive purchase.

Reason for choosing a ready made wedding dress

If you are ready to travel for a long time and try many models to find the most beautiful ready-made wedding gowns; If you saw a model you liked very much in the catalog or in the showcase; If you are working at an intense pace and do not have time for rehearsals for tailor-made wedding dress sewing; If you are going to marry in a different city or country, if you have a designer or bridal dress brand whose style you like very much, and if your weight changes rapidly, buying ready-made bridal gowns seems the right option for you.

As DreamON, we believe that important clothes designed to be worn on the most special occasions such as wedding dresses and evening dresses should be bought in the store by trying them one-on-one.

Due to the fact that they are products worn by the consumer at special nights, we do not look very favorably on online sales of wedding dress and evening dress models, which have a more limited right of withdrawal according to the Commercial Code. In cases where you see a model that you have tried before or insistently see from the picture; You can contact our DreamON Plaza order fulfillment units in Gaziantep by calling +90 342 231 15 56.

DreamON VIP and imported evening dress models are available in our DreamON stores.

Yes. The products you see on our site are found in our stores. However, in our stores, you will find many more alternative Houte Couture and DreamON VIP wedding and evening dress models than you see on our website.

Bride shoes

Your shoes should be compatible with your wedding dress model. Remember that the comfort of your shoes is the most important issue at your wedding.

It is also possible to make shoes from the same fabric as your wedding dress. You can cover a model you like with a small piece of cloth left over from your wedding dress. You can even work a small model of the embroidery used in your wedding dress on your shoes. You can find dozens of different beautiful models for white wedding gowns, but if you prefer an off-white wedding dress, you may find it difficult to find shoes in the same color. If you decide to cover shoes with wedding dress fabric, work with a shoe you trust, don't get bored because of the hitting of the shoes ...


One of the most beautiful accessories of the bride is the veil. Lace veils that extend to the floor are quite in fashion. Whatever veil you prefer, make sure that it matches your wedding dress style.

Bride crown

The bridal crown is the most flamboyant accessory of the bride's head. It can be used to hold the veil of the bride and make the hairstyle clear, and it varies according to the quality of the wedding dress and the hair condition of the bride. The trend of this season is mostly mobile, twisting hand-made crowns with brilliant stones.

Depending on the wedding venue and concept, you should consider whether to wear a crown or not. It may not be appropriate to wear a crown at a country wedding, but if you are planning to marry in a ballroom, your crown will complement your bridal head with its sparkle as a beautiful accessory.

Hand Flowers

Although bridal bouquets are quite colorful lately, they consist of different and harmonious flowers. You can combine tight and densely collected flowers and straw-looking accessories, small enamels and very special bouquets with your wedding dress. You can also choose hand flowers, which will bring movement to your wedding dress, from natural natural ones. However, high-quality but artificial bouquets can remain a memory that will remind you of that special wedding day.

Jewelry Pouch

The jewelry pouch is an accessory that you should not forget so that the jewelry that will be worn on you after the wedding ceremony will not damage the wedding dress and groom's suit and carry your gifts easily. Since you will carry your jewelry pouch in your hands during the jewelery ceremony, it will be appropriate to have it prepared from bridal fabric or a fabric and model suitable for bridal gowns. If your wedding dress has embroidery, you can also have a small model of the same embroidery work in your jewelry pouch.

Before you come to our stores, making an appointment on our phone or website will enable us to serve you better. You can make an appointment by going to the "Make an Appointment" page from the link below.

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In DreamON stores, you will be able to find special accessories to complement your wedding dress.

In fact, this choice should be evaluated and decided on the model expectations created in one's own imagination. The person should be aware of how he wants to see himself in a wedding dress in that magical moment that he has always dreamed of, which will maximize his personal satisfaction.

Family elders will try to be very involved in this process, which is a very natural approach. However, there is a point that should not be forgotten that it should be designed and applied from A to Z that night only as you and your partner imagine. In this process, we recommend that you choose the model you want by not breaking the family elders, taking their opinions and suggestions, listening to them. Because if you choose and do according to the taste criteria of others later, it may be inevitable that you will experience regret.

Now let's examine the fine details of the most beautiful wedding dress models for you:


The first trend that comes to the forefront especially in fashion weeks when wedding dresses are presented, is the presence of additional pieces on the sleeves. Especially the appliqués that fall on the arm, which are found in strapless models, draw attention.

Shoulders in the foreground

For those who say that the strapless does not fit me, the tulle details on the shoulders attract attention. This trend, in which small bows are used in wedding dresses with straps, is already attracting attention.

Boat collar is important

The boat neck fashion in bridal gowns, which emerged in 1992, is back. Especially in strapless designs where shoulders and chest shape stand out.

The queues are on the ground

The long-tailed models of the 18th century are back. Especially the tails, which are indispensable for the wedding dresses with a long fabric on the floor, cause an unbelievably beautiful appearance at the ceremony, even if they cause trouble while dancing.

Tassel, pearl and embroidery

Tassel, pearl and embroidered models are at the forefront that will make you feel like you will be on the stage this year.

Lace doesn't go out of fashion

The lace that never goes out of style is combined with heavy hand workmanship.

Floral prints

Wedding dresses with three-dimensional flowers are particularly fashionable this season.

In the DreamON collection, veiled versions of all our wedding dress models you liked are made. The veiled versions of our collection models are made with a 15% price difference. To get information about these products, you should definitely visit our nearest store.

There is no rental option in DreamON stores.

In DreamON stores, our prices are fixed due to our respect for all our customers. All of our products have price tags on them. You can never be fooled at DreamON. If available in DreamON stores, campaigns are made equally and transparently to each of our customers.

DreamON Catalog current models are offered to you with prices between 1,900 Lira and 7,975 Lira. Of course, we have campaigns held at regular intervals for you.

In the "DreamON VIP" wedding dress models, which are produced in limited numbers for each of our stores, the prices of the ready models go up to 18.000 TL at most.

Personal design service is also provided by the DreamON design workshop. By meeting one-on-one with our designers, understanding your style, drawing your dream model, making a special pattern for your body, a wedding dress model that completely reflects you emerges. The pricing of this special service varies between 7,000 Lira and 30,000 Lira, depending on the model.

Since wedding dress designs are specially prepared for you at DreamON, you have to place your order approximately 2 - 3 months before your wedding date. If you are making your choice as a ready-made product, we can deliver within 7 to 30 days.

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