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Chıffon Evenıng Dress Wıth Halter Collar And Embroıderıes

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Evening Dress Model with Chiffon Skirt, Stone Bead Embroideries, and Halter Collar






    For this evening dress that you can wear in special events and saloon weddings thanks to the elegance and sparkle added with the stone embroideries on the bodice, you can create a remarkable combination by providing a nice harmony with a crown and hairpins in the same color as the dress, and a half-bun. Also, this model can be worn in countryside weddings due to its breezy chiffon skirt and soft color of stone blue. You can prefer this evening dress to be embellished with make-up in soft tones and stylish jewelry not only for your engagement but also for your sibling's wedding.


    Please get information from the contact section.


    Please get information from the contact section.


Our evening dress, which draws attention with its wide chiffon skirt and hand-made stone embroideries on its bodice, makes a difference with its deep slit detail and back design. This evening dress, which we can offer to our customers with stone blue and dark blue color options, draws attention with its simple and elegant appearance.

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