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Evenıng Dress Model Wıth Embroıdered Laces, Puffy Skırt, Frock, And Spaghettı Straps

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Evening Dress Model with Embroidered Laces, Puffy Skirt, Frock, Spaghetti Straps, and A-Line Skirt


    The nobility prevails in the evening dress that you can comfortably wear at the invitations of your relatives. It exhibits a magnificent harmony when the color combined with the nobility and elegance given by the lace fabric and hand-embroidered beads, which are preferred for the design of our evening dress. The laces that extend to your skin from the decollete end will emphasize your chest and back decollete with a noticeable nuance and add elegance to your elegance. Designed as A-line, the skirt with grained hems will highlight your waist thinness and make you look thinner and taller. Fully-designed with laces, our evening dress is highlighted with a simple and grained frock accessory, which is ideal for those who want to be different. The frock detail can be designed as detachable if you wish, so you can exhibit the evening dress in two different ways. The simple design of the frock detail was complemented with the laces on the hems, which are in harmony with the evening dress. Your hair model in a messy half-bun will highlight the back decollete. We are sure that you will display a very elegant and noble nuance with your make-up in harmony with your skin.


    Please get information from the contact section.


    Please get information from the contact section.

The evening dress model with A-line puffy skirt is completely decorated with laces and a deep back neckline is created. The straps, which are worked as spaghetti straps, look very stylish with the natural binding appearance on the shoulders and give a sense of security for the decollete. The completely simple frock detail with grained skirt hems makes the evening dress look different. It is an evening dress model that those who want to look noble and stylish will want to wear.

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