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A-Lıne Weddıng Gown Model Wıth Long Sleeves, V-Neck, And Laces

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1313,00 $


Drawing Attention with Its Tail and Special Lace Embroideries, Our Wedding Gown with Long Sleeves and Chest Decollete


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    If you can not give up classic wedding gowns, you can choose this model, which will be just for you, for your organizations in the ballrooms in autumn and winter. If you are uncomfortable with your wide shoulders and thick arms, this collar, and sleeve cut will be just for you. Your veil can be prepared with an edging collar and wavy back motifs. It should be in medium length not to cover the magnificent tail look. With an illusion effect that will make your waist look thinner, you will have a magnificent appearance with a skirt cut that will provide a fitter and taller look.


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Our wedding dress, which includes many details such as the elegance of the lace fabric on the sleeves, and the special lace details on the bodice that extend down to the skirt hems, looks very nice with its V-neck, and chest, and back decollete. The laces used on the decollete are designed in waves, thus the gown has a different and aesthetic appearance.

Crown, veil and accessories are not included in the prices.

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