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Strapless Weddıng Gown Wıth Back Decollete And Collar Detaıl

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Strapless Wedding Gown Model with Modern Princess Skirt, Embroidered Neck Accessory, and Back Detail



    If you have narrow shoulders, small breasts, a thin waist, and round hips, this strapless princess wedding gown will be the perfect gown for your body type. Thanks to the collar accessory, you may not use a veil, and you can immortalize your happiest day by creating different poses for this wedding gown, which will be suitable for poolside and countryside weddings, and give a special appearance to you. You should definitely use your hair in a bun and choose low crowns. If you have a well-shaped back and love back decollete, the dress will make you feel perfect. You can complete the gown with simple and soft make-up that is not too exaggerated, and an artificial flower bouquet in soft tones.


    Please get information from the contact section.


    Please get information from the contact section.

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This model, which will make you look taller than normal thanks to its simple, light-tailed skirt cut, and embroidered collar detail in harmony with the embroidered strapless bodice, will be the choice of those who want a puffy but simple wedding dress model. The gown will be suitable for your preferences thanks to its pendulums flowing from neck to back and cowl neckline, and the vibrant chiffon from shoulders to hem.

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