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Long Taıled Full Lace Embroıdered Helen Brıdal Model

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1458,00 $


Our Wedding Dress You Can Use As A Cut With V-Shaped Low Back And Boat Neck Form Embroidered Body


    Our CINTA model, which has a helen style skirt with A cut opening, is a model suitable for many body types. With its elegant and intensely used lace embroidery and tail, it will show your waist thinner with its splendid and stylish, non-sleeved cut that fits on the waist.

    You can make your hair from the trendy bun models of the recent times created by using braids, and use the flower crowns placed between the braids.

    You can choose your veil from the long veils with edge water embroidered and nun style. You can prepare a bouquet of colorful flowers and green making your hand flower suitable for your wedding dress and concept.


    Please get information from the contact section.


    Please get information from the contact section.

When you use our A-cut model with its full lace embroidery, shirring waist fit and long tail, you can use it as a hellen style wedding dress.

The arms are embroidered and designed in the form of a thick band over the shoulder or slightly lowered; A not too deep chest and back décolleté was created by placing engraved laces on the collar, arm and back of the V-shaped back.

The ends of the whole skirt and tail are completed with special lace, which we call edge water.

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