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Antı-Neck Dress Wıth Lace, Vertıcal Neck, Jangane Chıffon, Evaze Skırted Evenıng Dress

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Evening dress model in pink chiffon with jacquard, tied at the neck, high neck, three-dimensional lace, a-line skirt.



    AGRA is our evening dress model that will make you feel like a lady with the touch of flight skirts on your skin. Especially, the neck-tied upright collar and the three-dimensional lace placed as a ribbon in the waist give the model a magical air. Depth is provided by using a lining in a different tone on one lower layer of the chiffon on the skirt, and the fluid and thin pouring of the chiffon adds elegance to the dress. Deep back decollete is the beauty that our women who like decollete will prefer. If desired, you can also have a shorter skirt length. You can move your hair with a rose-colored accessory and use these tones in your makeup. In your shoe selection, you can choose a closed pointed toe model in the same color.


    Please get information from the contact section.


    Please get information from the contact section.

Three-dimensional lace on the neck-tied upright collar and waist area, made of rose-colored chiffon fabric with jacquard, deep low-cut back, and romantic style with flight skirts.

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