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Two-Pıece, Three-Dımensıonal Lace, Square Neck, Sleeve, Tulle Skırted Evenıng Dress

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Evening dress model with tulle skirt, three-dimensional lace, two-piece, boat neck, sleeve detail.



    You can use our PAPYRUS model in which dreamy details are used for your engagement or you can wear it at the henna night and the wedding of people special to you. Our evening dress, in which lilac and purple colors dance in harmony, is in the A-cut form. If desired, you can also wear a small tarlan inside. Three-dimensional floral motifs in purple tones were designed on the lilac-colored bustier and transparent sleeves, and these motifs were also used on the A-cut skirt made of lilac-colored tulle in a style that spreads from the waist to the skirts. Our boat collar model leaves a decollete area where you can wear a stylish jewelry.


    Please get information from the contact section.


    Please get information from the contact section.

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A-cut evening dress consisting of two-piece, A-cut skirts made of lilac tulle, purple floral motifs descending from the waist to the skirts, decorated with lace in purple tones consisting of three-dimensional floral motifs on the lilac-colored bustier with boat neck and long sleeves worked in skin color. model.

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